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We at Creative Headlines, provide our customers with the best experience of responsive web design that would be extremely beneficial for your site’s traffic and your business’s success.

Why Responsive Design


Responsive web design is a method for the creation of web pages which uses flexible images, flexible layouts and cascading style sheet media inquiries.

The purpose of responsive web design is to build web pages that can identify the visitor’s screen orientation and size, and accordingly change the layout.

Responsive web design is a technique to put together a website so that it balances its elements and content to adjust the screen size and resolution on which it is viewed, automatically. It prevents images from being larger than the screen size, and keeps visitors on tablets or mobile phones from doing any extra work to read your content.

Responsive web designs make your website considerably easier for visitors to navigate and read. A mobile responsive web design is essential to a friendly user experience; as a result, Google rewards sites that provide users with such an experience.

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Benefits of Responsive Web Designs

  • Responsive website design means that you do not have to track user paths, conversion paths, funnels and redirections between your sites. Site analytics tools such as Google Analytics are optimized to manage multiple devices and responsive reporting. Your tracking and analytics will continue to function and be summarized into a single report, permitting for easier monitoring and analysis.
  • SEO campaigns can be a time consuming and expensive, but by creating a responsive website, all of your efforts can be focused on that single site, with integrated strategy and procedures through devices.
  • Responsive web design smoothly adjusts its layout centered on the screen size and resolution. It offers better readability and access on smaller screens by creating a flexible and responsive web page, optimized for the device that is accessing it.

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Our Trademarked
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Learn about our process and the project life cycle

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